Rose & Caramel Guide To Tanning

Achieving an all over flawless look with self tan is all about the preparation. Prepped skin equals guaranteed flawless results, every time – and just like an artist needs a blank canvas to create a masterpiece, the best results for self tanning start with the clearest of skin.

Body hair is not your friend –

It’s super important to shave or wax 24 hours prior to tanning – giving the skin chance to recover from any abrasion and ensuring you have an ultra smooth surface for when it comes to applying!

Don’t even think about tanning on top of old tan –

Your clients skin should be completely free from tan and removing their old tan first is vital! Our retail tan remover range Purity includes the world’s first tan removing bubble bath and shower gel, or foam, the perfect addition to your clients tanning experience, to make sure their skin is fresh and completely tan free!

No make up, deodorant or perfume/aftershave –

Your clients skin should be completely product free prior to their spray tan appointment, as anything extra on the skin can affect the tans formula and how it develops

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Hydrated skin is happy skin, which is why it’s also super important to ensure your clients skin is moisturised – our Prep & Protect Hydration Mist ensures all over even results (pay extra special attention to dry areas such as the hands, feet, knees and elbows), Prep & Protect is also available as a retail protect for your clients to use as an oil free daily moisturiser to keep their tan healthy & longer lasting

For The Best Application:

Hands & Feet –

Only lightly mist over hands in a clawed position & avoid directly spraying over feet as excess tan falls on to feet

Spray Gun Setting –

Make sure your spray gun setting is right. Set the gun so the right amount of air is coming out as well as solution. If your solution is going on wet you are spraying too close

Mist Over –

Always ensure you mist over any areas sprayed to make sure no areas have been missed

Nudity Tanning –

When using nudity, even thought the solution cannot be seen there will still be traces on surfaces. Remind clients not to touch surfaces or step bare footed on the floor.

Duo Tanning –

After spraying your client with a layer of Intensity or Velvety solution, then use our Nudity Clear solution for your second coat

For The Best Aftercare:

Dry to touch –

After your clients spray tan, they should check their tan is dry to touch before wearing loose fitting clothing while their tan settles into the skin – Your clients should be told to avoid any tight fitting footwear and NOT get their skin wet

Development –

Allow the tan to develop for a minimum of 8 hours, or overnight – then wash off with a light rinse in the shower, patting dry with a towel (no rubbing!)

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate –

Make sure they keep their skin hydrated for a longer lasting tan – this will help boost their tans appearance on the skin & longevity

Top Up –

For people who are active and those who’s skin types struggle to hold tan for long periods of time, topping up with our nudity clear aerosol or tanning water is the perfect way to boost colour in-between applications

Rinse & Repeat –

When their tan is ready to come off advise they use an exfoliating glove and tan remover (our bubble bath, shower gel or foam are perfect for this) to completely get rid of the old tan from their skin, ready for their next tanning application – repeat the process again as above to achieve a flawless airbrushed result, every time