How To Spray

How To Spray


For Best Results:

  • Make Sure Clients Are Advised To Shave and Exfoliate The Day Before Their Tan.
  • No Moisturiser On The Body
  • Remove All Makeup And Deodorant
  • Use Sticky Feet

For Best Application:

  • Only Lightly Mist Over Hands In a Clawed Position.
  • Avoid Directly Spraying Feet, As Excess Tan Falls On To Feet.
  • If Solution is Going On Wet You Are Spraying To Close
  • Make Sure Your Spray Gun Setting Is Right- Set The Gun So That The Right Amount Of Air Is Coming Out As Well As Solution. This Is A Common Problem For A lot Of Spray Tan Therapists.
  • Ensure You Always Mist Over Any Area Sprayed To Make Sure No Areas Have Been Missed.
  • When Using Nudity, Even Though The Solution Cannot Be Seen There Will Still Be Traces On Surfaces- Remind Clients Not To Touch Walls Or Step Barefooted On To Floor

For Best After Results:

  • Tell Client To Keep Moisturising
  • To Pat Themselves Dry After Showering Not To Rub
  • Let Tan Develop For Atleast 8 Hours
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