How To Tan Match My Client

Warm Undertones – Pinks & Yellows


Clients With Warm Undertones Will Have A Slight Pink Or Golden Tone To Their Natural Skin Colour. Clients With Warm Tones Are More Likely To Develop An Orange Tinge With Sprays Tans.

Velvety Solution Is The Best Spray Tan Solution To Use On These Clients. As The Green Undertones Through Its Development Will Counteract Any Orange In Their Tan!

Cool Undertones – Blue 


Clients With Cool Undertones Are Usually Porcelain Skin, They Will Have A Pale Completion. As A Guide Clients Who Tend To Burn Easily In The Sun Or Rarely Tan Usually Have Cool Tones In Their Skin. Clients With Cool Undertones Are Going To Be Suited To Nudity Or Intensity Best.

Intensity Is Going To Lift Your Client’s Skin Tone Due To The Added Red Undertones Throughout Development, Adding Warmth To Your Client Skin And Creating A Natural Bronzed Holiday Tan.

A Shade To Match Every Skin Tone


Nudity Gives All Skin Tones A Flawless Golden Colour, So Again Will Lift The Cool Tones In Your Client’s Skin.


Olive Undertones – Green & Yellow


Those Clients Who Have Olive Skin Tend To Have A Yellow/Green Undertone. These Clients Are More Likely To Develop A Green Tinge To Their Spray Tan If The Colour If Not Chosen Correctly.

Again, Nudity Will Work On This Skin Tone For A Golden Lift. Or Intensity Will Work Well As The Red Undertones Will Cancel Out The Green In Their Skin Tone, Giving Them A Brighter Complexion And A Bronzed Tan!


When Would Our Duo Method Be Applied?


Our Duo Method Would Be Perfect For A Client Who Wants The Fullest Coverage & An Extra Dark Tan.


This Method Is Also Perfect To Balance Out Tones For Certain Clients, For Example:


Your Client Comes For Their Spray Tan, Their Natural Skin Colour Has Cool Undertones, But They Want A Velvety Spray Tan, They Want To Go Dark And Olive. By Using The Ultimate Tan Method, You Are Giving Your Client The Deep Olive Base Tan, But By Applying Nudity Over The Top You Will Then Lift The Colour Of Their Spray Tan Making Developed Results A Warmer, Richer Tan.